Our names are Ron and Cindy Jones. We are located in eastern Washington, very near Moses Lake. It is about an hour west of Spokane and an hour north from Pasco. For those not from the northwest, this is a rural farming area and developed desert. Most think of Washington as evergreen, which we are definitely not.

I started Senoj Maltese in 1974. I started like many other Maltese lovers, with pets. After taking a few obedience classes I discovered the confirmation experience. Our children were raised when we were quite young and were looking for something to fill the void. The dog show world seemed to fit.

Some of the people who were influential on my bloodlines were: Bev Passé (Myi), Peggy Wanner (Kandu), and Mary Day (C&M); and more recently, Kay Davidson (K-D), Char Woltner (Notori), and Tammy Simon (Ta-Jon). I know that this does not nearly cover all the many friends that this sport has given me, so to let them all know they have all been appreciated and enjoyed.

I strive to stay small and breed only when I want a new show dog to go on with. Occasionally I have sold a few show dogs and pets, but that has never been my driving force. I cannot say really what my preferences are as far as type. I have had big and small, baby doll, and moderate. I think I have learned to value many different types at different times through the years.

We have had many honors over the years with our home bred dogs. You will see photos and specific awards as you browse through out the web pages. I do hope you enjoy visiting my site. All of our dogs are home raised and greatly loved. Many of my Maltese are gone now and many very old. I do still show and breed on a limited basis. Please visit my Angels area to see these past dogs of Senoj history.

I have created this website, after much prodding by a specific friend, for the main purpose of sharing my life with this wonderful breed. Unlike other breeds I have known, these little guys will choose their humans over other dogs always. That makes us so special to them and them to us. They really look to us to fill their lives.

I hope you enjoy browsing around and come back often. Look for my business for all things Maltese PUPOURRI coming soon!

Clubs I am a proud member of:

• American Maltese Association (1990)
• Ephrata-Moses Lake Kennel Club (1979)
• Evergreen Maltese Club (1989)
• Pacific Rim Maltese Club (1994)

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